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About Arbormedics

Arbormedics is an arboriculture firm based in Atlanta, GA specializing in the care and preservation of trees and shrubs. Arbormedics is owned and operated by ISA Board Certified Master Arborist Chris Hastings. Chris holds a Master's Degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Cornell University. Arbormedics specializes in pruning, fertilizing, insect/disease control, sonic scanning, lightning protection, cabling, soil aeration, and tree prescriptions. Arbormedics is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tree and shrub care. We consistently stay ahead of the curve by working with researchers and product developers to introduce new and innovative ways to keep trees healthy and safe. While it takes large national tree companies 5-10 years to adopt company-wide changes to their service, Arbormedics is able to bring modern and innovative products and services to fruition within a matter of months.


The Hastings family has been practicing horticulture in the Southeast since 1889. Chris follows in the footsteps of his great-grandfather H.G. Hastings, his grandfather Donald Hastings, Sr., and his father Donald Hastings, Jr. The Hastings sold the family seed and nursery business in 1976 and are not affiliated with any local nurseries. Chris Hastings worked for a national tree care company for a number of years where he was amazed to learn that the majority of arborists practicing in our area are commissioned salesmen. He formed Arbormedics with the mission to keep trees safe and healthy while remaining ethical and customer-focused. Since then, Arbormedics has quickly grown to become one of the leading arboriculture firms in Atlanta. Arbormedics currently cares for trees in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama.

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