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Serving the Industry

Arbormedics services a variety of different clients with one common thread--a desire for top-ranked scientific tree and shrub care.

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Residential Clients

The heart of Arbormedics lies in residential tree and shrub care. We strive everyday to maintain the loyalty and trust our clients have offered us in caring for their home properties. Our crews are all United States citizens and speak English. We understand that communication is paramount in well-maintained and beautiful landscapes and gardens.

Chris Adkins poses in front of an histor

Historic Properties

Over the years, we have been honored to work on some of the Southeast's most prominent and historic trees. Caring for historic trees is an art and a science. We have achieved special recognition as one of the South's only tree care companies specializing in historic tree management.

White Oaks on the UNC Chapel Hill Quad.

Universities and Municipalities

Arbormedics is one of the only aboriculture firms to offer the unique services particular to managing trees on university and municipal properties. One of the only things that The University of Georgia and Auburn University can agree on is to use Arbormedics for their work!

I noticed this specimen Southern Red Oak, Quercus falcata, growing vigorously in one of the most inh

Commercial Properties

Many commercial properties feature specimen trees and shrubs as part of the overall presentation of the property. While many property managers turn to low bidders for the everyday mowing and blowing, top management groups have turned to Arbormedics to care for the most valuable components of their landscapes.

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